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Total Loser's Guide

You have found your way to this website, Total Losers Guide buried somewhere in the deep web. This is not the typical website that you will discover as you surf the web today. Total Loser's guide is far different from the niche websites that are so ubiquitous on the web today, and we are proud to be, "The Anti-niche Website."

What is a Niche Website?

The niche website is quite common these days, they have been for quite awhile actually. It is a website that is completely devoted to one single topic. They can be quite useful if you are searching for specific information on a topic that interests you, or needful information to solve a problem that you are having at the moment. We all know as soon as that moment is gone so is our interest in that website.

Healthy eating for instance is not a niche website, that is much too broad. Fresh vegetables are a great source for healthy eating is also too broad of a topic to be considered a niche website. Broccoli, the magical vegetable for healthy eating on the other hand is a niche website. Who wants to view a website dedicated to Broccoli? And what is so magical about it? That is the real question.

The Niche website is like a cold shower. You get in, get your business done quick, and get back out again relieved that it is over with. Sure they are good if you are seeking useful information, but how much do you really need, or want to know about Broccoli?

When creating a website the so called experts out there will tell you that if you want to drive traffic to your website, you must build a targeted niche website. They will tell you that you will never get visitors to your site if your subject matter is too broad.

That’s foolish nonsense to me. Who wants to spend any length of time on a website devoted to one topic let alone come back again. Targeted niche websites are focused on one small part of a single topic.

That would be like trying to engage in a meaningful conversation with a person who talks about the same thing endlessly. Total Loser's Guide will bring you many Loser Guides on a variety of topics.

What makes me a Total Loser you ask?

What made Milwaukee famous has made me a Total Loser.

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You may say loser, but I prefer Australopithecus nonconformist. I have an old school thought process, and tend to go against the grain of conventional wisdom.

Have you ever worked in a grocery store? If not I am sure you have shopped in one. The products that are on the shelves, you know, the pasta, soups, cereal, bleach ect. Somebody has to put them there. That would be me.

I worked the overnight shift for many years. The nights that we got trucks in there were a few of us working, but when there wasn’t a truck full of product to put on the shelves, only one person was needed to work.

I worked many nights all alone in a closed store with only my thoughts to keep me company. When you have spent many years doing the same job your subconscious mind takes over your body, and your conscious mind is free to wander, or maybe that’s just me.

You are free to focus your thoughts on different things, as your body is busy doing what is required of it seemingly on automatic pilot. My thoughts were always focused on different things, or else it would be as boring as focusing on what I was doing at the moment. This brings me to the point of all this. Focusing on one thing ALL the time is boring!

The gurus will tell you to build a niche website, and become an expert on a topic to attract visitors to your site. I believe a one topic website is boring. Here we can, and will talk about anything... Money, women, travel, random thoughts... Ect. I would like to think that I can hold a conversation about a variety of topics, so lets talk about them. Enjoy the journey.

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